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What started out as helping a friend customize his ride has turned into an artful and creative project. An unlimited pure passion for motorcycles and motorcycle styling has always been there like a milestone. Our first designs were powered by the overwhelming feeling of riding a unique motorcycle in style and standing out.  Pretty much that’s how we kept on designing projects motivated by this genuine pleasure every rider can relate to.

With time, motorcycle enthusiasts sharing the same aesthetic values with us started to gather and to bring in their expertise in materials, printing and project development. Somehow it all found its own path and effortlessly, the name Pathfinder Soul Design popped up, matching our creative spirit and excitement about what we wanted it to become.

We share the vision that here should be no artistic or technical limits to what a rider is offered when it comes to customisation. Whether it is full body kits or pannier covers we want to introduce eye-catching concepts that are either taken as they are or serve as a base for further customisation.

It is a challenging endeavor to create an attractive, unique and stylish design in any case, but we aim in more than that. Functionality is a major concern and we want our products to provide endurance and high protection in any setting.

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